Green IceI.C. Enger told us, Jack, Ed and me, that one of us can write a piece for “A Day in the Life” blog. Jack, as in Special Agent Jack Strickland of Homeland Security, said that if he did he’d have to shoot I.C. Agent Ed Red Wind, a real live Homeland Security Shadow Wolf, said “No.” He’s not what you’d call wordy. That leaves me, and I’m happy to help out.

I’m Brooke Breckenridge, and I’m writing this on the deck of the lake house the three of us occupy at various times. The house is mere yards from Three Cranes Lake, and if I stand up and look over the rail to my left I can see Canada. I live pretty much full time at the house and the two agents come and go, usually without informing me what the mission of the day might be. Fine by me. I have other things to do than try to keep tabs on them. The relationship between the three of us is complicated. But back to the point.

I almost always get up with the sun during the summer, which would be about four o’clock. In the winter I still get up early but in darkness. The wide swing between light and dark hours in a 24 hour period are extreme this far north, at times it still seems exotic. I make my way down the stairs and start the coffee, go into the den and place my yoga mat in front of the glass French doors so I can see the lake transform from inky black to clear blue while I go through the poses. It’s really something. I do my yoga stretches to the best of my ability, sometimes with the company of one or more of the agents who like to sip coffee on the couch and critique while I work my, um, rear end off. Most mornings I do yoga alone except for the company of Ranger, a sweet, smart, scary competent police dog that Jack brought with him.

Three days a week I drive into the next town, the county seat, Makkapitew. I work part time in the city planning offices in a building next to the city center and mayor’s office. Before I came to live by the lake I worked in Seattle as a real-deal big city project manager for major construction projects, and I like to keep my hand in the business.

On my days off I sometimes go into the small town of Three Cranes, at the far south end of the lake, and run errands. Dot’s Doos is where all the women and high school girls go to get their hair cut and gossip, it’s the information hub of the county. I stop by to pick up the latest news, there isn’t much they can do to improve my straight brown hair. The Georgia Peach is the local clothes boutique. The owner, Savannah Larsen, tries to match Seattle in the fashion scene, and usually succeeds. It’s worth a stop to see what’s new.

I try to stay out of the way of the county sheriff, Matt Callahan, but it isn’t always easy. His wife Francesca keeps me up to date with the local crime waves, and more than once I’ve been a lot of help to the sheriff. He just doesn’t seem to appreciate the help. For some reason that is a mystery to me and the agents in the lake house, trouble seems to find us no matter how hard we try to avoid it. I think the sheriff takes it personally. He claims he ran a nice quiet county before I came to live in Three Cranes. Believe me, life in a quiet northern town isn’t as peaceful as you might think it should be.

In the afternoon I might visit with my neighbors along the lake, take the boat out and do a little fishing or go for a swim off the dock if the water’s warm enough. A good fishing trip is one where I don’t catch anything that has to be cleaned. Oh yes, my best friend and lawyer, Goldie, comes up here to visit now and then, and she’s a real treat. Oy Vey. In the evening Jack, Ed and I like to play poker for pennies from the penny jar and have a glass of brandy or scotch while we watch the sun set on the lake.

It’s a great life up here, and pretty safe now that there’s ICE on the lake. Stop by for a visit, we have guest rooms already made up for you. Uh-oh, there’s the phone, got to go.

You can read more about Brooke in Green Ice, the second book in the “Lake House” mystery series. The first book in the series is Blue Ice.

Meet the author
MartiIC Enger lives and writes in the Seattle area. Her first book, Blue Ice, was published in 2012 by Oak Tree Press. Green Ice is the second of three mysteries set along the Washington/Canadian border featuring Homeland Security Special Agent Jack Strickland and transplanted Seattle city planner Brooke Breckenridge. The “Lake House” Mysteries are set along the calm blue waters of Three Cranes Lake. The idyllic setting hides danger and the deep waters hold mystery.

I.C. has lived in many different cities in the US including New York, San Francisco, Denver and Seattle, and has travelled worldwide in her work. Part of that work kept her in contact with former FBI agents and corporate security officers. “I quickly came to the understanding that although a crime might be solved outside of law enforcement by a smart, savvy civilian, it was highly unlikely. People who have been trained, who have the resources and experience, those are the people who solve mysteries.”

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