Noahs Rainy DayHi Dru!

It’s me, Liv Bergen. Just got back from Quantico and I’m officially an FBI Agent. Is that cool or what? Still miss the mining world, but investigations, as a field agent, are intriguing, too. You remember me telling you about Special Agent Streeter Pierce, don’t you? He’s taken me under his wing and is showing me the ropes around the Denver Bureau and everyone here is awesome. And yes, I’m still seeing Jack Linwood, aka Gentleman Jack as you call him, although don’t get your hopes up about those wedding bells you keep mentioning.

I haven’t found an apartment yet, but thanks for offering me your vacation loft in lower downtown. I’d forgotten what a great view of the Bronco football stadium you have from your high rise balcony. I almost decided to make myself at home for a few months, but instead I’m living with my sister in Wheat Ridge for now. The only reason I crashed at your place my first night back from Quantico was because my flight arrived so late from D.C. into DIA. I didn’t have the heart to wake up my sister and her family that late at night. You remember Frances? She was a year ahead of us in school. The pretty, quiet one whose a lot like you, not at all like me (yeah, hey, do you suppose even in friendships opposites attract?). Doesn’t seem like that long ago when we were in high school, does it? Frances is married now to a guy named Gabriel Hogarty and they have two kids, Emma and Noah. Frances and Gabriel have their hands full. Emma is a spitfire, redheaded nine-year-old and Noah has an incredible mind for solving puzzles. I can’t wait until you meet him. Are you still coming out for that ski competition to the Rockies next month? If you are, I’ll arrange for Noah to spend some time with us but only after you finish your qualifier in the Slalom Alpine Ski Race for the upcoming Olympics.

True to his name, Noah will make you feel like that first ray of sunshine after forty days and nights of rain, if you know what I mean. He’s such a gift! Even though he’s twelve now, he still isn’t walking or talking and hasn’t mastered enough muscular control to feed himself. I might not have told you that he has severe CP, but I get the sense he doesn’t consider himself handicapped by his disability. Most days, I wish I were more like Noah. What a great attitude he has!

Hey, speaking of attitudes, your newest quilt is brimming with boldness. Stunning! I wrapped up like a caterpillar into a cocoon and slept like a baby on your comfy couch my first night back to Denver, emerging rested and ready like a butterfly in flight. I ate all your snacks and drank your wine and promise that before you get here to replenish your supplies with good stuff, like ice cream, cookies, and popcorn, instead of all those healthy snacks you had stashed in your cupboards. What’s up with that? Are you on a health kick again or what? What happened to kicking back and sharing a pizza, girlfriend?

Well, I need to do some field training with Beulah. She has turned into quite the tracking dog. I never knew bloodhounds could make such good friends and I find myself lost without her these days.

Until I see you on the slopes, Dru, stay you!

Liv Bergen

p.s. Sandra Brannan told me to tell you she’s waiting on pins and quilting needles for a Dru Sighting. I have no clue what she’s talking about, but she said you would know. She’s busy because she has some new book release September 3, 2013 called NOAH’S RAINY DAY. Someday, I’m going to have to read one of her books and find out what she writes about.

Dru’s note: LOL! A Dru’s Sighting is fun!

You can read more about Liv in Noah’s Rainy Day, the fourth book in the “Liv Bergen” mystery series, published by Greenleaf Book Group Press. The first book in the series is In The Belly of Jonah.

Sandra is giving away one (1) copy of IN THE BELLY OF JONAH, the first book in the series. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. Contest ends September 12; US entries only.

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After living in Wyoming, Washington, D.C., Washington state, and Colorado, Sandra Brannan returned to her hometown in South Dakota, where she is surrounded by family. She enjoys working with relatives in the mining business; living in the Black Hills with her husband, Joel; smiling with pride over the journeys taken by her four sons; doting over her three grandchildren; and appreciating all of life’s blessings, too many to count.

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