Dark WatersDark Waters by L.L. Bartlett is the sixth book in the “Jeff Resnick” mystery series. Publisher: L.L. Bartlett, October 2013

A near death experience is only the beginning of Jeff Resnick’s troubles. Family comes to town, but one of them, a nephew who reminds Jeff of the thugs who mugged him, has unsettled him. He’s on edge. The fact that his brother has taken possession of an expensive boat through an IRS auction takes his mind off the bad vibes he’s getting from other relatives. But that yacht holds a deadly secret, one destined to turn his world upside down. Will Jeff figure out the puzzle before his vision of near death becomes a reality?

When an unexpected visitor arrives at the house, it dredges up traumatic memories for Jeff. Looking for distractions, Jeff agrees to help his friend investigate a recent murder despite the beckoning of an ominous message from beyond.

L.L. has done it again by delivering a fast paced action-filled drama that took me on a wild ride in this riveting tale of suspense that quickly became a page-turner. The author did a good job in moving this mystery along as I was filled with anticipation as to how it was all going end with the culmination of events that plagued the protagonist in this engagingly propelling tale. This is the by far the best book in this gripping series and I can’t wait for the next chilling adventures with Jeff and her friends.

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