The Double Wedding RIngThe Double Wedding Ring by Clare O’Donohue is the fifth book in the “Someday Quilts” mystery series. Publisher: Plume, September 2013

Nell’s future is on her mind, and it looks as though the pieces are coming together like a perfectly made quilt. Her relationship with police chief Jesse Dewalt is heating up, she’s thinking of starting her own business, and Grandma Eleanor, is about to get hitched. But just as the future seems sewn up, Jesse’s former NYPD partner turns up–dead. Nell has to scramble to keep the wedding on track, her relationship from falling apart, and herself from being the target of a stranger with a secret.

The Double Wedding Ring has romance, murder and a modern cozy feel… everything fans of the Someday Quilts series have come to love.

This action-filled and evenly paced drama quickly became a page turner as I had to know who was doing what to whom and why. The cleverly scripted plot was well-developed and the mystery kept me in suspense as the story moved forward. The author did a great job in keeping me on my toes as every time I thought I had it figured out, she changed direction and boy was I surprised when the killer was revealed. I love this story with the murder, the romance and the feel-good atmosphere that is supported by a great cast from Nell to Jesse to Eleanor and to the rest of the Someday Quilts quilters. This is the best book ever in this character-driven and pleasantly appealing series.

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