Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice CreamDeath, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream by Diane Kelly is the sixth book in the “Tara Holloway” romantic mystery series. Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks, October 2013

Fired. Tara Holloway can’t believe it. After all she’s done for the IRS, a few too many shots fired from her weapon and suddenly she’s public enemy number one. To add insult to injury, another agent has replaced her, and a ten-million-dollar assault case is hanging over her head. So much for traveling to Tokyo with Special Agent Nick Pratt, former partner and current boyfriend. Tara’s stuck in Texas, and using green tea ice cream to soothe her disappointment, as well as the terrifying prospect of a life behind bars.

Tara’s former boss, Lu “the Lobo” Lobozinski, has a plan—to stick Tara in auditing, where she can’t possibly get into trouble. But between bumping into a college frenemy whose family business is under audit, Tara’s stubborn determination to keep an eye on Nick behind the scenes, and her new long-range rifle, she’s about to get a taste of just how dangerous her life can be, in Death, Taxes, and Green Tea Ice Cream from Diane Kelly.

This was a fun read that was hard to put down as I had to know what happens next as Tara tries to set her life straight. When pushed against the wall, Tara comes out fighting by surrounding herself with people who will fight tooth and nail for her. Diane does a great job in delivering a story that kept me both engaged and entertained with some laugh out loud moments. I love her attention to details as she puts me in the middle of this action-filled drama. Tara is a lovable heroine and I look forward to reading the next book in this fabulous series.

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