A Potion to Die ForLet me start by saying that you have to be a mite touched in the head if you want to spend a day in my shoes. Nobody wants that. Trust me.

The thing is it’s not a bad life. Not hardly. It’s just…unusual, seeing as how I’m a white witch. An empath (I can feel what others are feeling) and healer who uses my abilities and magical potions to help ensure that locals and tourists alike have a fighting chance at a healthy mind, body, heart and soul.

I’ve gained a bit of a reputation around here (here being Hitching Post, Alabama—the official wedding capital of the South) as the go-to witch for curing what ails. From creating love potions to fixing stomach aches, people come to me for help.

But when I found a dead man in The Little Shop of Potions, my potion shop, I found myself in the strange position of asking other people for help, and was surprised at who stepped up. Of course my best friends and family came to my aid—they’re nothing if not loyal—but I was a little taken aback at the assistance of my (twice) ex-fiancé and my nemesis… But can I truly trust them?

Like I said, my life’s a little unusual. But one thing’s for sure. It ain’t boring.

You can read more about Carly in A Potion To Die For, the first book in the new “Magic Potion” mystery series, published by Obsidian. Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

Thanks to Penguin, I have one (1) copy of “A Potion To Die For” to give away. Leave a comment to be included in the giveaway. Contest ends November 6; US entries only per publisher’s request.

Meet the author
Heather Blake (aka Heather Webber) is the author of more than a dozen mystery novels and has been twice nominated for an Agatha Award. She’s a total homebody who loves to be close to her family, read, watch reality TV (especially cooking competition shows), drink too much coffee, crochet, bake (mostly cookies), and occasionally leave the house to travel to the beautiful mountains in the northeast. Heather grew up in a suburb of Boston, but currently she lives in the Cincinnati area with her family and is hard at work on her next book.

You can visit Heather on her website, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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