Diner ImpossibleHi! My name is Rose—Rosalyn, if you want to get technical (and I don’t)—Strickland. Until recently, I referred to myself as a former-rich-girl-turned-waitress. My life used to be pretty simple—and by that, I mean boring. My waitressing job at Ma’s Diner kept me hopping. Ma’s is a ‘breakfast only’ establishment, owned by the eponymous Ma Ferguson. She along with my bestie, Roxy Block, have become like family.

My real family and I don’t always see eye to eye. For instance, my mother would like me to do something productive with my life, like finish college. And if they gave away degrees for taking random classes like Cartography Visualization—our professor didn’t actually make us chart anything, we just had look at maps and write poems on societal boundaries—I’d have a PhD by now. But they don’t, so I’m no closer to obtaining that elusive Bachelor’s degree now than I was six years ago.

But lately, everything changed. I’ve had a couple of accidental run-ins with crime. Solving it, not committing it—mostly. And I’ve discovered that I’m pretty good at it. Officer Andre “Hard Ass” Thomas says I just got lucky. So imagine my surprise when he asked me to help prove the innocence of Martin Mathers. Mathers is a corrupt womanizer, so when his secretary mistress was found murdered in her bed, he went from Chief of Police to chief suspect. And frankly, I think the guy might be guilty.

There’s just one teensy problem. The man I’ve been dating, Sullivan, has a few less-than-legal tendencies. Okay, the dude’s a criminal. And he’s had Martin Mathers in his pocket for years. So if Mathers goes down, he might take Sullivan with him. I won’t let that happen. Even if that means I have to put myself in the path of a murderer. Because that’s who I am now. Rose Strickland—righter of wrongs. I mean, I’m still a waitress, but every girl needs a hobby.

You can read more about Rose in Diner Impossible, the third book in the “Rose Strickland” mystery series, published by Henery Press. The first book in the series is Diners, Dives & Dead Ends. Books are available at retail and online booksellers.

Meet the author
As a girl, Terri L. Austin thought she’d outgrow dreaming up stories and creating imaginary friends. Instead, she’s made a career of it. She met her own Prince Charming and together they live in Missouri. She loves to hear from readers! www.terrilaustin.com

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