Skating Under the wireUnder the Wire by Joelle Charbonneau is the fourth book in the “Rebecca Robbins” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur, October 2013

Rebecca Robbins has pulled the rink she inherited off the market. She’s decided to stay in Indian Falls for good. Rebecca is certain that if she can get her maid of honor duties fulfilled and Thanksgiving dinner cooked, life will finally settle down to normal. But when Rebecca is hired to look into a string of home invasions and a dead body turns up at the bridal shower, she is forced to put aside her hopes for a quiet holiday season. With the help of her Elvis-loving grandfather and her sexy, commitment-seeking large animal vet boyfriend, Rebecca has to track down thieves that have eluded the cops for years, solve a murder, get her friend safely married, and somehow cook dinner for an ever expanding guest list without getting herself killed.

Boasting the drama of both madcap wedding hijinks and the infamous Thanksgiving dinner, a puzzling murder, and a wonderful cast, Skating Under the Wire is Joelle Charbonneau’s most exciting mystery yet!

This is a good read that was very enjoyable. The pace was comfortable and it easily flowed from chapter to chapter. A good mystery that’s well written with a lovable cast of characters is what you’ll find between the pages of this terrific drama.

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