The Bitches of Brooklyn“I love her to death…but I don’t trust her.”

That’s an actual line I overheard while having lunch recently. (All writers are shameless eavesdroppers.) The line is definitely going in the next book. It might well have been in my first book, the one you might know about from The Bitches of Brooklyn. I’m one of the Bitches. We’re not bitches…not really. Just because we’re smart, funny and we stick together? Is that so wrong? Well..that’s what someone called us, years ago in high school and the name stuck. Mercifully we didn’t get the Bitches tattoos we considered because at our age now – well, it wouldn’t be pretty!

Friends. Bette Midler sang you gotta have them. James Taylor declared you have one. Phoebe, Monica, Chandler and the rest of them spent years on television making people jealous because of they were there for each other. But The Bitches were, and still are there for each other. Four of us anyway.

Rachel Weiner, Clare Didrikson, Jane Monaghan, Abby Daniels and I have been friends for years – some of us since the third grade, the newest member of the group, Abby, joining us in high school. She’s the glamorous one, the publicist. Jane owns a bakery, Rachel is the veterinarian, Clare is a producer and I’m a writer. A teacher really, with one book soon-to-be-released. With any luck when the book comes out it’ll be a bestseller.

Are we snarky? A little. Do we like to eat? You bet. Clam shacks on Cape Cod, pizza palaces in Brooklyn and Jane’s world-class scones are probably my three favorite dining experiences. Do we drink wine? Yup. Not to wretched excess, but a fair amount of wine was consumed that weekend on Cape Cod when we received a note from Abby saying that she’d run off with one of our men.

Is it possible? Is Abby’s note just a joke? And which of us would be the first to run for the phone to call her guy? That brings me back to “I love her to death…but I don’t trust her.”


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Meet the author
Rosemary Harris is a native Brooklynite, born in Fort Greene and raised in Flatbush like some of the characters in The Bitches of Brooklyn. Rosemary’s debut novel, the Agatha and Anthony-nominated, Pushing Up Daisies, was followed by The Big Dirt Nap, Dead Head and Slugfest. She is past president of Mystery Writers of America’s NY Chapter and Sisters in Crime’s New England Chapter and is a member of both RWA and CAPA (Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association.)

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