Four Play“It’s your turn,” Jessica told me, and how could I argue? Last time the fantastical Dru Ann Love asked us for a guest blog, Jessica wrote about her typical day. So this time it’s up to me!

Our days couldn’t be more different—Jessica’s and mine, that is. Jessica is absolutely, positively THE most fantastical romance author ever! She spends her days writing, writing, writing. But she still gets into plenty of trouble! For one thing, she shoots pool—a hobby that leads her into all kinds of fantastically interesting adventures. And let’s not forget her romance with Captain Wilson Rye! Wilson is absolutely the, the, THE hunkiest cop known to womankind, and Jessica keeps him on his toes.

Right now, the two of them are working to solve another murder! From what I hear, the body landed on top of Jessica’s car, so of course she feels compelled to learn more, even though Wilson insists she leave the investigating to the experts. But if I know Jessica, she’s already sleuthing. Just like that time in Hawaii, when I got to help solve a murder! It all started when—

“Louise! Concentrate!”

Oops! That was Jessica, calling to remind me of my purpose. She’s always scolding me about my limited attention span. But who wouldn’t have trouble focusing with the life I lead? Here goes.

My name is Louise Urko, but everyone calls me Geez Louise, because everyone says I’m overly excitable. Okay, so they say I’m the most hyperactive person on planet earth. But I ask you, who, who, who wouldn’t be excited by my whirlwind life? First of all, I live and work in Manhattan—the, the THE most fantastical city! I’m a born and bred New Yorker, and I love it here! The shopping? The SHOE shopping? Oh, baby! My favorite shopping district is SoHo. There’s this little shoe shop there called—


Oops, again! Okay, so the shopping in Manhattan is fantastical, but let’s focus my work. I have absolutely, positively the, the, THE best job! I’m a literary agent for romance authors. It’s up to me to land my authors lucrative publishing contracts with Perpetual Pleasures Press, which everyone knows is THE name in romance fiction! Jessica writes for them. She is absolutely my most talented client! Her sex scenes are legendary! Her latest book A Singular Seduction, stars Willow La Swann and Kipp Jupiter. This one’s a western, and Willow—

“Louise! Geez!”

Oops, oops, oops! Back to my job: My office is on the top floor of the most fantastical building on the Lower East Side. I even have an atrium! My pet parrot Bee Bee loves, loves, loves the atrium. But don’t get me started on my bird. Suffice to say, Bee Bee’s fantastical! He’s more talkative than I am!

During a typical day I’m in and out of meetings with the people at 3P—that’s Perpetual Pleasures Press. Like right now? I’m negotiating book cover details for my client Roslynn Mayweather. Roslynn’s also friends with Jessica, and her latest masterpiece is called The Debutante’s Destiny. The debutante looks gorgeous!

I also spend lots of time with my clients. I love, love, love brainstorming with them! We discuss plots and characters, work out love scene details, and my favorite activity of all—we plan publicity strategies for their books! They all deserve bestseller status, and I, Geez Louise Urko, strive toward that end! I absolutely adore getting my authors media attention! National media exposure is the most fantastical, so I do lunch with Dee Dee Larkin at least once a week. Dee Dee is the national news anchorwoman who always finds time for a report about my authors. Jessica has a real knack for getting into newsworthy trouble! The woman is positively fantastical at landing herself on the national news with Dee Dee! Jessica claims she doesn’t like the publicity, but I always say—make lemonade out of lemons, and no publicity is bad publicity!

And speaking of publicity, I always have time for Timmy Beaky! He’s the local reporter down in Clarence, North Carolina, where Jessica lives. Jessica insists he has it in for her, but I myself love, love, love Timmy! He is brilliant at directing attention at Jessica. Like right now he’s on some sort of book-banning rampage, calling her books borderline pornography and calling Jessica the Queen of Smut! With publicity like this A Singular Seduction is bound to hit bestseller list! Fantastical!

“Louise! His name is Jimmy Beak, not Timmy Beaky. And get back to you!

Oops, oops, oops! But really, that’s all you need to know about me: Geez Louise Urko, New Yorker, shoe-shopper extraordinaire, and literary agent to the best, best, best romance authors! My life is fantastical!

Learn more about Geez Louise, Jessie, and the gang in Four Play, the fourth Cue Ball Mystery. New this month! Here’s some info:

Bad news comes in . . . fours? For romance author and former pool shark Jessie Hewitt it does. She hasn’t written a decent sex scene in months, she hasn’t shot a decent game of eight ball all year, and don’t even ask about her supposed love life. And just when Jessie thinks things can’t get any worse, a body lands on her car. Über-hunky and altogether infuriating cop Wilson Rye suggests she concentrate on solving her other problems and leave the murder investigation to the experts. Does Jessie agree? Take a guess.

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Meet the Author
Cindy Blackburn has a confession to make-she does not play pool. It’s that whole eye-hand coordination thing. What Cindy does do well is school. So when she’s not writing silly stories she’s teaching serious history. European history is her favorite subject, and the ancient stuff is best of all. The deader the better! A native Vermonter who hates cold weather, Cindy divides her time between the south and the north. During the school year you’ll find her in South Carolina, but come summer she’ll be on the porch of her lakeside shack in Vermont. Cindy has a fat cat named Betty and a cute husband named John. Cindy’s favorite travel destinations are all in Europe, her favorite TV show is NCIS, and her favorite color is orange. Cindy dislikes vacuuming, traffic, and lima beans.

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