Diner ImpossibleDiner Impossible by Terri L. Austin is the third book in the “Rose Strickland” mystery series. Publisher: Henery Press, November 2013

After shunning her overbearing parents’ wealthy lifestyle, waitress and part-time college student, Rose Strickland, is drawn back into their world when she tries to prove the impossible: the innocence of the town’s crooked police chief. He’s suspected in the gruesome death of Delia Cummings, his secretary and mistress, and all the evidence points to him.

While she tracks down clues with the aid of her anime-loving bestie, Rose’s pal, Axton, and his Klingon gang are feuding with their Starfleet rivals. Things get hairier than a pile of well-fed Tribbles, so Rose gets involved. In between interrogating Trekkies and quizzing socialites at high tea, she discovers the secrets Delia Cummings took to her grave. Suspects abound, but when Chief Mathers threatens to bring down Rose’s criminally mischievous and maybe boyfriend, Sullivan, she makes it her mission to find the real killer before Sullivan finds himself in prison.

This was a very enjoyable read with a zany cast of characters that was entertaining from beginning to end. I love that the characters are becoming more developed and we get to see their vulnerabilities and strengths with Rose leading the way who is caught in the middle of two lives, but making the best of the one she has chosen. Rose and her madcap friends are on a mission to bring a killer to justice in whatever means they have and what a fun ride it is watching them do what they do best. I love the writing style and how each chapter pulls you in until you feel like you are part of the cast, sifting through the clues which the author provided that kept me on my toes. With a great cast, good conversations and just plain fun, this is one of the best book in this terrific series.

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