Undead by MorningUndead by Morning by Joyce and Jim Lavene is the prequel to the new “Taxi for the Dead” paranormal mystery series. Publisher: Joyce and Jim Lavene, February 2014

When Nashville Police Officer Skye Mertz wakes up in the hospital after a wreck, the prognosis is bad. The doctors don’t expect her to live until morning. Her husband, Jacob, also in the wreck, was dead at the scene. Their five-year-old daughter, Kate, will be alone.

Old magic, in the form of Abraham Lincoln Jones, comes out of the blue, offering another twenty years of life for twenty years of service to him. Skye can’t say no. Kate needs her, and her husband’s death was no accident. If it takes driving Abe’s Taxi for the Dead to protect Kate, and discover the truth, Skye is up for it.

This was a good read with an interesting plot device that is very intriguing and I look forward to where the author takes Skye in this story where she gives up 20 years to be with her daughter. This short story leads up to the new series by the creative team of Joyce and Jim Lavene.

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