Killer PhysiqueKiller Physique by G. A. McKevett is the 19th book in the “Savannah Reid” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, March 2014

Plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid gets a taste of the high life when she attends a Hollywood premiere on the arm of husband Dirk Coulter. Savannah may be a newlywed, but even she gets weak in the knees when she meets celebrity athlete-turned-movie-star Jason Tyrone. So imagine how she feels when the star’s rock-hard body is found rock-hard dead…Though the autopsy reveals Jason may have gotten his killer body through doping, no one wants to believe the beloved athlete is a fraud, least of all Savannah.

Soon she’s deeply immersed in the dark world of body enhancing drugs, and wondering if the world-class gym where Jason worked out is really just a front for a lucrative drug ring. Was Jason’s death the price he paid for threatening to expose other celebrities caught in the clutch of keeping a flawless image? Or was everyone’s favorite hero a victim of his own desire to always be at the top of his game? No stranger to society’s obsession with image, Savannah is determined to get to the truth. And for the voluptuous investigator, this time it’s personal.

I love Savannah and Dirk and in this book all the emotions were displayed from being at a movie premiere to solving a case that wasn’t until it was. Leave it to them both to right a wrong and bring a justice to the victim. The mystery was great and I loved how everyone chipped in, including Dirk’s parents. With Savannah’s “southern phrasing” and Dirk being Dirk, it was good to see another side of him. Boasting an awesome cast and witty repartee, this was a great read and the best one yet and I’m looking forward to the next book in this fantastic series.

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