Death By Devils BreathA day in my life? Oh, honey, you couldn’t handle it!

First there’s Sylvia, my annoying half-sister. Try dealing with her every day! That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since our dad, Texas Jack Pierce (as famous on the chili cook-off circuit as he is with the ladies in the towns our Chili Showdown visits) disappeared somewhere back in Abilene. I was living in Chicago at the time, Sylvia was doing her foodie thing in Seattle, and we were both called to come take over Jack’s Hot-Cha Chili Seasoning Palace.

Sure, the Palace might just look like a food truck we tow behind our RV, but to me, it’s heaven on earth. All those chili peppers we stock! All those wonderful spice mixes we sell! Sylvia takes care of the day-to-day business end of the Palace. I dress as the Chili Chick in a giant chili pepper costume that covers me from head to hips. I put on fishnet stockings and slip on stilettos and I dance out in front of the Palace to draw customers in. The Palace and the Chili Chick . . . those are definitely the best parts of my day.

But back to Sylvia, the not-so-good part. She’s a stickler, see. For being orderly. For being smug. For pretending that she’s the caring big sister and worrying about my love life and the losers I always seem to hook up with when I know that the only reason she’s really with the Showdown is because she’s searching for Jack’s secret chili recipes so she can publish a cookbook.

Oh yeah, Sylvia’s that kind of sneaky.

Then there’s murder, of course, and that always put a damper on anyone’s day. Back in Taos (“Chili Con Carnage”) the victim was Roberto, a Showdown roadie with a secret past. Here in Vegas (“Death by Devil’s Breath”) it’s an obnoxious comedian, one of the celebrities who’s been asked to judge a contest of the world’s hottest chili and keels over in his bowl of Devil’s Breath.

A day in my life?

Thanks to Dickie Dunkin’s untimely (not to mention messy) end, my days in Vegas include nearly getting bonked by a giant neon heart, having an old (and not very dear friend) stalk me, being stuffed in a steamer trunk, and the Chili Chick getting kidnapped.

Now that I think about it, a day in my life can be pretty exhausting! Off to have a bowl of spicy chili to recover!

You can read more about Maxie in Death by Devil’s Breath, the second book in the “Chili Cook-Off” mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. The first book in the series is Chili Con Carnage.

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Meet the author
Kylie Logan is the author of the Chili Cook-Off mysteries, the League of Literary Ladies mysteries and the Button Box mysteries. As Casey Daniels, she’s also written nine books in the Pepper Martin mystery series. She’s just finished book #1 of a new series and after what she hopes will be a nice rest, she’ll start book #3 in Maxie’s adventures. Her next release is “The Legend of Sleepy Harlow,” book #3 of the League of Literary Ladies series. When she’s not writing, she’s home with a family that includes Oscar, a Jack Russell who came as a rescue and 11 years later, hasn’t left, Ernie, an adorable Airedale and Marvin, the newest member of the family, a cat who definitely has a mind of his own!

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