The Bullet CatchHigh school reunions can be murder.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to have one murder as a result of your reunion may be regarded as a misfortune; to have two looks like carelessness. I wonder what Mr. Wilde would have said about three? Or four?

Speaking of numbers, I had a hundred reasons to avoid my high school reunion, but oddly enough, homicide – and multiple homicides at that– was not anywhere on that list. However, a plethora of murders was the end result of that fateful evening, which was otherwise (for such a hyped event), uneventful.

I’ll be honest. I went into the reunion with all the common trepidations. As the youthful bartender pointed out to me, by the fifteenth reunion, the women have finally learned how to apply make-up but still don’t know how to walk in heels. And the men have mostly just put on weight and started to lose their hair.

The key piece of advice the bartender gave me was to forget that I went to school with any of these people. Our histories give them too much power. “Pretend that you just met them on the street,” she said. “Reset the counter to zero.”

Good advice if you can take it, but it turns out my high school crush is still a knockout who consistently reduces me to a gibbering idiot. And my high school buddy who is now a TV star? People flocked to him, trampling over me like I was the red carpet, as they pushed past each other in order to shake his hand and kiss his … well, you get the idea.

As cool as he was and is, my buddy confided in me that he’s sure he’ll be dead by the time they finish shooting the movie he’s working on in town … and he asked me to help keep him alive until he boards a plane back to sunny Los Angeles. And as soon as I started to calm down around my old high school crush, her husband went and got himself killed. Was it a mugging? Or a murder staged to look like a mugging? Being the lovesick puppy I am, I began to look into the matter and before I knew it, multiple bodies started to pile up.

All because I filled out a form and sent in $35 bucks to hobnob with people who didn’t have the time of day for me when I was a teenager. And to add insult to injury, I became a suspect in multiple murders and nearly ended up as a victim myself.

This much I know for certain: When my 20th reunion rolls around, I’m going to give it a pass.

You can read more about Eli in The Bullet Catch, the second book in the “Eli Marks” mystery series, published by Henery Press. The first book in the series is The Ambitious Card.

The Bullet Catch Synopsis

Newly-single magician Eli Marks reluctantly attends his high school reunion against his better judgment, only to become entangled in two deadly encounters with his former classmates. The first is the fatal mugging of an old crush’s husband, followed by the suspicious deaths of the victim’s business associates.

At the same time, Eli also comes to the aid of a classmate-turned-movie-star who fears that attempting The Bullet Catch in an upcoming movie may be his last performance. As the bodies begin to pile up, Eli comes to the realization that juggling these murderous situations — while saving his own neck — may be the greatest trick he’s ever performed.

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In real life, John’s not a magician, but he has directed six low-budget features that cost very little and made even less – that’s no small trick. He’s also written multiple books on the subject of low-budget filmmaking. Ironically, they’ve made more than the films. His blog, “Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts” has been named “One of the 50 Best Blogs for Moviemakers” and “One of The 100 Best Blogs For Film and Theater Students.” He’s also written for TV and the stage. John lives in Minnesota and shares his home with his lovely wife, several dogs, a few cats and a handful of pet allergies.

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