UnbelievableUnbelievable by Cindy Blackburn is the first book in the new “Cassie Baxter” mystery series. Publisher: Cindy Blackburn, November 2014

Small sleuth, tiny town, unfailing fun.

Welcome to Lake Elizabeth, Vermont, where the water is blue, the mountains are green, and Cassie Baxter is going nuts. Who wouldn’t go nuts in a town this size? What possessed Cassie to move in with her father? And why do they have to live next door to a mad scientist? A sexy mad scientist. Does such a thing even exist? And speaking of existing, what happened to the dead redhead? You know, the one Cassie found, and then lost? What’s up with that? Cassie Baxter intends to find out. Read Unbelievable and you will, too.

The Cassie Baxter Mysteries: They’re not Cue Balls, but they are screw balls.

This mystery was hard to put down quickly becoming a page turner, with its quirky cast of characters and zany and witty conversations, amid a perfect setting in Lake Elizabeth, Vermont. The list of potential suspects continued to grow and the author did a great job disseminating it down to a few and I enjoyed following the clues to the big reveal. Be prepared to chuckle at the situations Cassie finds herself in as she tries to prove what she saw is murder despite what others may think. This was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the next book in this amusing series.

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