Blood RubiesHi! I’m Josie. Josie Prescott. I live and work in Rocky Point, New Hampshire. My company is called Prescott’s Antiques and Auctions. I love it that I get to spend time working with beautiful objects. I also love it that I was able to create the kind of business where I’d want to work. We work hard, but we’re respectful, supportive, open, and friendly. And our reception, Cara, makes killer ginger snaps.

Here’s what my day was like the first time I was on a TV show:

From Blood Rubies:

Ana Yartsin stood beside one of her custom Fabergé egg-shaped wedding cakes, unfazed by the frenetic activity swirling around her. The film crew was larger than I’d anticipated—I counted 22 people, including a uniformed security guard—and they all seemed to be doing things with frantic urgency. A young woman with pink hair and a star tattoo on her neck dabbed at Ana’s cheek with a fluffy powder puff. Someone named Mack called to someone named Vinnie to check the light meter. The security guard, a big guy with a crew cut and a gun on his hip, stood near Ana, his eyes on the move. Timothy Brenin, the producer/director, dashed up to talk to a short man with spiky yellow hair carrying a clip board, then called to Mack that we had another hour of good sun.

Timothy, tall and lean like a greyhound, dressed all in black like the New Yorker he was, approached Ana with a huge smile. I’d met Timothy briefly last week when I’d stopped by to order a cake for my office manager Gretchen’s baby shower. He and Ana had asked me to come back and place the order again, this time on camera. They were in the early stages of filming a TV pilot for a reality show based on Ana’s life, capitalizing on her dual role as a newly minted celebrity pastry chef with an ability to communicate Martha Stewartesque tips for gracious living and a recently divorced young woman ready for a fresh start.

Timothy spotted me and his smile grew even broader. “Good to see you again, Josie!” He turned to Ana. “Why can’t everyone be like her—on time and smiling?”

Okay… so that gives you a feel for that part of my day. Although, hello! Being on camera is not the norm. I spend most of my time researching antiques. As you may know, my stories are memorialized by my pal, Jane K. Cleland. The one she calls Blood Rubies provides a good example of the kind of work I do. In it, I needed to authenticate a purported Fabragé egg and appraise antique snow globes. How cool is that?

Often I go to Ellie’s for lunch. She makes crepes that just can’t be beat. Her restaurant is in a converted chocolate factory across from the gazebo on Rocky Point’s village green The gazebo is where bands play familiar tunes on warm summer nights. I love watching the tide roll in, too, even in winter. I’ll stand on top of a tall dune and feel the rhythm of the sea. After work, I usually cook dinner for my boyfriend, Ty. He’s a big cheese training guru for Homeland Security, and hunky as all get out.

I’m lucky, and I know it. I came to New Hampshire for a second chance and forged a life for myself that I love. I hope you’ll come spend some time in my world. It would be great to meet you.

You can read more about Josie in Blood Rubies, the 9th book in the “Josie Prescott Antiques” mystery series, published by Minotaur. The first book in the series is Consigned To Death.

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Meet the author
Jane K. Cleland writes the multiple award-winning Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries [St. Martin’s Minotaur]. The ninth in the series, Blood Rubies, tells the tale of Fabragé eggs, antique snow globes, and obsession.. “Josie” stories have also appeared in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. “Booked for Murder” is coming in January 2015. In addition, Jane chairs the Black Orchid Novella Award and hosts the Writer’s Room, a TV show produced by Lehman College and BronxNet. She teaches at Lehman College, where she is also the Director of the Program for Professional Communications.

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