Murder Simply ServedMurder, Served Simply by Isabella Alan is the third book in the “Amish Quilt Shop” mystery series. Obsidian, December 2014

Amish quilt shop owner Angie Braddock has a lot on her plate this Christmas. But things only get worse after someone develops a taste for murder.

Angie’s parents are visiting Rolling Brook for Christmas—but unfortunately, her ex is joining them. Luckily, Angie has no time to dwell on her romantic troubles as she prepares her store, Running Stitch, for the town’s traditional progressive dinner, featuring a sleigh ride stopping at each shop for a different course of the meal.

The meal ends with an Amish-themed Christmas play at the Swiss Valley Hotel and Barn. But the performance is cut short when an actress falls from the scaffolding to her death. After the sheriff suspects foul play, tensions between the Amish and Englisch heat up, as do rivalries among the acting troupe. Now Angie and her quilting circle must stitch together clues before they’re the ones running for cover.

Isabella is a great storyteller and this one is the best in the series thus far, particularly with the arrival of Angie’s parents. Mixing holiday festivities, a matchmaking mother, an ex and current boyfriend and of course murder delivers a fast-paced and light drama that was a delight to read. I love that the author kept me in tuned with the story as I had to keep reading to know what happens next and boy did I enjoy all that featured in this charming tale. The mystery was well-executed and those involved created a balance story that didn’t want it to end. A great read and I look forward to more from Isabella.

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