The Red Queen's RunThe Red Queen’s Run by Bourne Morris is the first book in the new “Red Solaris” suspense series. Publisher: Henery Press, December 2014

A famous journalism dean is found dead at the bottom of a stairwell. Accident or murder? The police suspect members of the faculty who had engaged in fierce quarrels with the dean—distinguished scholars who were known to attack the dean like brutal schoolyard bullies. When Meredith “Red” Solaris is appointed interim dean, the faculty suspects are furious. Will the beautiful red-haired professor be next? The case detective tries to protect her as he heads the investigation, but incoming threats lead him to believe Red’s the next target for death.

The Red Queen’s Run is the first mystery in a trilogy about campus violence by former university professor, Bourne Morris.

This book grabbed my attention immediately as I like the pace and the set-up to the murder and the narrowing down the small list of suspects. The solid plot pulled me in and it was very interesting to see the internal workings of the college educational system with the professors and student and the consequences of one’s action in academia. I got so wrapped up in this drama that at several scenes, I was yelling at the book for the character to take action. As I continue to read, I heard the “thump, thump, thump” of impending doom and boy did I enjoy all the twist and turns around each corner. I liked the character development of the various cast and the dialogue was quite engaging. From beginning to end, this was a rewarding read and I look forward to more academia adventures with Red and her friends.

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