Viking BayEvery bone in my body aches. I’d just spent three hours in a gym learning how to kill people with my bare hands, and the instructor matched me up against a six-foot- four behemoth who kicked the living crap out of me. I’m a good-sized girl at five foot nine, I’m in great shape, and I’m not afraid to fight – but the fact remains that a hundred and thirty pound woman will always have a hard time beating a man in a fistfight who outweighs her by a hundred pounds, particularly if the man is also in good shape and trained to fight.

I asked myself for the hundredth time: Why did I take this f-ing job? Why am I in Washington, D.C. being trained to be a spy instead of back in San Diego where I belong? And the answer is always the same: You’re in Washington, dummy, because the DEA fired you. They fired you for being insubordinate and not playing well with others and going into Mexico on your own to kill a man. The fact that you had a valid reason to go into Mexico – that reason namely being to save your daughter – just wasn’t considered a good enough excuse for breaking every rule in the law enforcement handbook.

But still, working for a rogue agency that has no legitimate connection to the U.S. government and being trained to become an assassin … There just has to be a better way to make a living and support my daughter.

My next class is a language class where I’m learning to speak Farsi – you know, the language they speak in Iran. Then I find out as I’m heading toward class, that my first assignment for the Callahan Group won’t be in Iran. It will be in that garden spot of the Middle East called Afghanistan. I don’t have time right now to talk to you about Thomas Callahan – a sneaky, conniving bastard who’s about as charming as a man can be. And as bad as Afghanistan sounds, I have to admit – just call me crazy – that I’m looking forward to going and doing something that’s supposed to be in the best interest of the good ol’ U.S. of A. Plus, anything has to better than another hand-to-hand combat class.

Had I known what was going to happen in Afghanistan, and later in Viking Bay, I would have packed up my daughter and scooted back to California where I belong.

You can read more about Kay in Viking Bay, the exciting, action-packed sequel to Rosarito Beach, the novel that introduced Kay Hamilton to the world; published by Blue Rider Press.

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About the author
M. A. Lawson is the pen name of Mike Lawson, the award-winning author of nine Joe DeMarco political thrillers. Rosarito Beach, the first novel in the Kay Hamilton series, was optioned for television. Mike is a former senior civilian executive employed by the United States navy and you can learn more about him and his novels on his website:

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