Murder By GravityMurder by Gravity by Barbara Graham is the sixth book in the “Quilted” mystery series. Publisher: Five Star, December 2014

Snow before Halloween shocks the residents of tiny Park County Tennessee. While dealing with a multitude of minor issues Sheriff Tony Abernathy is contacted by a charter pilot who claims his passenger jumped without a parachute into the most remote spot in the county. After riding mules into the wilderness to collect the body Tony and his deputy must travel to North Carolina in a blizzard to notify the widow. Problems multiply. Tony’s wife Theo is shocked to see a woman at the grocery store with a knife embedded in her back. Then a priceless quilt is stolen.

As the sheriff Tony hates Halloween. Even so he never expected a valuable coffin and the body inside to go missing.

I love my annual visit to Silersville, Tennessee where the citizens of this town bore unusual names that adds to the characteristics and idiosyncrasies in this small town. Where else can you experience, in a typical week, a man’s flight from an airplane; a stolen casket from a neighbor’s home; a bride’s concerns and the misappropriation of a valuable quilt? I love the comfortable tone and the easy flow of this story as the author did a great job of pulling me in with her descriptive style and engaging dialogue that made me feel like I was a part of all the action. It was fun watching Tony and his team gather all the clues that lead to the resolutions to all that happened during that snowy week in their small town. This was a very enjoyable read that was nicely done and I look forward to my next visit with Tony, Theo and their friends.

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