By Book or By CrookIt’s hard to believe I’m actually here, living and working in the Outer Banks! Things have moved so fast over the last few days, I can scarcely catch my breath.

Was it only a few days ago that I fled that fancy restaurant in Boston, leaving my long-long-long time boyfriend, Richard Eric Lewison III down on one knee with a blue box in hand and a bottle of Moet et Chandon cooling in a silver bucket?

My phone started ringing almost immediately. Of course, Ricky would have called my mom right away to let her know what had happened. Our relationship, and long-hoped for nuptials, were desired more by Mom and Ricky’s mother Evangeline than by either of us.

I did it! Not only did I leave Ricky on bended knee, but I quit my job at the Harvard Library the next day, and fled to my favorite place in all the world. The Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I think that’s probably the first impulsive thing I’ve done my all my thirty years.

My plan (what I had of one) was to spend some time with Aunt Ellen and Uncle Amos in their beach house, lazing about enjoying summer by the ocean while taking time to sort out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I should have known that Aunt Ellen isn’t one for allowing anyone to laze about. She invited her oldest and dearest friend Albertina James to tea. Bertie James just happens to be a library director, and I just happen to be a librarian.

Before I knew what was happening, I’d been offered a job. And I’d accepted.

Not a job at any old public library either, but at one of the gems of the coast: the Bodie Island Lighthouse Library.

Yup, a library in a historic old lighthouse.

Can it get any better than that? Yes, actually it can. The job comes with an apartment. A very small apartment to be sure, but one right in the lighthouse itself. I love it, it’s absolutely tiny and perfect with a view across the marshes and the beach and far out to sea. I call it my lighthouse aerie. There’s a cat living in the library by the name of Charles, named for Mr. Dickens. Charles seems to be eying my apartment, and I suspect he won’t be content with a litter box in the closet for much longer.

I’m very nervous today. Tonight’s a big night at the Lighthouse Library as we’re holding a fancy reception for friends of the library and board members prior to the opening tomorrow of our special summer exhibit: a complete set of Jane Austen first editions. As well as the books themselves, I suspect Bertie has an extra surprise up her sleeve.

I sure hope nothing goes wrong to spoil the evening.

You can read more about Lucy in By Book or By Crook, the first book in the new “Lighthouse Library” mystery series, published by Obsidian.

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About the author
Eva Gates is the author of the Lighthouse Library cozy series from Penguin Obsidian, set in a historic lighthouse on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, featuring Boston-transplant librarian, and highly reluctant sleuth, Lucy Richardson. The first in the series, By Book or By Crook, was released in February 2015. Eva is the pen name of bestselling author Vicki Delany, one of Canada’s most prolific and varied crime writers. Eva can be found at and Vicki at

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