March 1
Murder in the Queen’s Wardrobe by Kathy Lynn Emerson – Mistress Jaffrey *new series*
Broken Window by Dorothy H. Hayes – Carol Rossi #2
The One That Got Away by Simon Wood

March 2
Marked Masters by Ritter Ames – Bodies of Art #2

March 3
Ladle to the Grave by Connie Archer – Soup Lover’s #4
What the Fly Saw by Frankie Y. Bailey – Hannah McCabe #2
The Edge of Dreams by Rhys Bowen – Molly Murphy #14
Suspendered Sentence by Laura Bradford – Amish #4
Assault and Pepper by Leslie Budewitz – Seattle Spice *new series*
Borrowed Crime by Laurie Cass – Bookmobile Cat #2
Murder Ties the Knot by Christy Fifield – Haunted Souvenir #4
How To Catch a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale – Cats and Curios #6
Death, Taxes, and Cheap Sunglasses by Diane Kelly – Tara Holloway #8
Horse of a Different Killer by Laura Morrigan – Call of the Wilde #3
A First Date with Death by Diana Orgain – Love or Money *new series*
Kittens Can Kill by Clea Simon – Pru Marlowe #5
A Wee Murder in My Shop by Fran Stewart – ScotShop *new series*
Dying For A Cupcake by Denise Swanson – Devereaux Dime Store #3

March 8
Tattered Legacy by Shannon Baker – Nora Abbott #3

March 10
Endangered by C. J Box – Joe Pickett #15
Cold Betrayal by J.A. Jance – Ali Reynolds #10
Quicksand by Gigi Pandian – Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt #3

March 15
Operation Stop Hate by Jessie Chandler – Operation #1
Grimm’s Furry Tail by Kathi Daley – New Whales and Tails #3
Side Trip to Kathmandu by Marie Moore – Sidney Marsh #3

March 17
7 Brides For 7 Bodies by Stephanie Bond – Body Movers #9
Swan Dive by Kendel Lynn – Elliott Lisbon #3
Murder on Location by Shawn Reilly Simmons – Red Carpet Catering #2

March 24
The Stranger by Harlan Coben
Night Night, Sleep Tight by Hallie Ephron
Garden of Death by Chrystle Fiedler – Natural Remedies #3
Bedside Manners by Phoebe Fox – Breakup Doctor #2

March 26
Hard to Stop by Wendy Byrne – Hard Target #3

March 31
The Cat Sitter’s Whiskers by John Clement – Dixie Hemingway #10
Marked Fur Murder by Dixie Lyle – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot #3
Killer Gourmet by G.A. McKevett – Savannah Reid #20
The Icing on the Corpse by Liz Mugavero – Pawsitively Organic #3
Tails, You Lose by Carol J. Perry – Witch City #2
Slayed on the Slopes by Kate Dyer-Seeley – Pacific Northwest #2

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