A Ghostly UndertakingWith a funeral, a ghost, a murder . . .

If it weren’t for bad luck. . .Well, you know the saying and I’m no exception to the rule. Growing up and living in the Eternal Slumber Funeral Home should’ve been my first clue that my life was going to be any less than normal.

I embraced my high school nickname, Creepy Funeral Girl, and took over the family business after my parents retired, leaving me in charge of getting the dearly departed residents of Sleepy Hollow, Kentucky six feet under to their final resting place.

At least that’s what I thought until the one ill-fated snowy day when I was walking through the town square to grab some lunch from Artie’s Meat and Deli. The snow that covered the shop roofs were quickly melting from the sunshine, causing the plastic Santa on Artie’s roof to slide off and hit me square in the head. Knocking me out flat.

I swear I thought I was a goner, gone to the big guy in the sky, and joined all my clients I had put six feet under because when I woke up Ruthie Sue Payne, Eternal Slumber latest client, was standing next to me, bunny slippers and all.

Doc Clyde confirmed I was not dead, but I had the “Funeral Trauma.” He said I’d been around the dead too long and needed a little time off, but Ruthie didn’t see it that way.

In fact, Ruthie said that the accidental slip and fall autopsy report was wrong and that she was murdered. Pushed!

Worse, she wasn’t going to leave me alone until I helped get her to the “other side” by figuring out who murdered her. One problem. Ruthie’s archenemy was my Granny, Zula Raines Payne. After all, Ruthie’s ex-husband left her for Granny and the two had not gotten along since.

Now it was personal. Ruthie accused my Granny of killing her when I know Granny was not capable of doing such an act. Or was she?

Jealousy made people do strange things and in the south, we like to sweep things under the rug with a big smile on our face pretending nothing ever happened.

Ruthie wasn’t the only one who thought her death was suspicious. Sheriff Jack Henry Ross, my high school crush and now Sheriff of Sleepy Hollow, was sniffing around asking all sorts of questions not just about the death of Ruthie Sue, but the odd behavior I was displaying by talking to myself in public.

I guess I could hide my crazy to help out hunky Jack Henry and exonerate my Granny in the process so I could get Ruthie Sue Payne to the other side.
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You can read more about Emma Lee in A Ghostly Undertaking, the first book in the highly anticipated A Ghostly Southern Mystery series, published by HarperCollins.

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