Ladle to the GraveMy name is Martha Jamieson. You’ve probably heard a lot about me in the Soup Lover’s Mystery series. I’m Lucky Jamieson’s mother and I used to be the owner of the By the Spoonful Soup Shop. Lucky runs the restaurant now and happily, she’s made sure our fantastic chef, Sage DuBois, has stayed on.

My husband Louis and I were so disappointed when Lucky decided to go to college in Madison, Wisconsin. Oh, don’t get me wrong. We were happy for her, happy to see her spreading her wings but I cried a lot when she left. I knew I certainly wouldn’t be able to see her very often, much less every day. Maybe I’d get to see her and hug her a few times a year when she had a break from school.

See, I always knew Lucky was impatient to leave Snowflake. She loved us – me and her dad – but I think she was afraid she’d feel stifled if she didn’t head for a bigger city and a more adventurous life. It was all I could do to beg her not to leave but in the end I let her go. I had to. It’s not good to keep your children tied to your apron strings.

CupSo life went on in Snowflake, Vermont at the By the Spoonful Soup Shop pretty much as usual for the next several years. But in spite of all my friends, I still felt lonely. Lucky finally graduated and I was hoping against hope she’d decide to come back to the village. But she didn’t. She stayed on in Madison for a number of years. She wasn’t ready to come home. I’m not really sure what she hoped to achieve there but again, I had to let it go. It’s the hardest thing in the world for a parent, believe me.

I really missed her and there were things going on in town that I was very suspicious of. She wasn’t here to share Townmy worries. I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve noticed there’s something very strange at the restaurant. There’s an older couple who’ve come to town with their grandson. And there’s something about them that’s not quite right. I don’t really know what to do about it. I have my suspicions but I can’t possibly prove anything.

TracksI’ve taken some photos and I’ve marked them with the date. I just wish I could show these to Lucky now. She’d know what to do. Something tells me I should hang on to them. They’re not very good pictures but maybe if Lucky comes back some day they’ll help her solve the mystery in Ladle to the Grave.

Who knows . . . maybe I won’t be here myself by then. If I’m not, I hope Lucky finds these and figures out who these people really are.

You can read more about Martha in Ladle to the Grave, the fourth book in the “Soup Lover’s” mystery series, published by Berkley Prime Crime. Other books in the series are A Spoonful of Murder, A Broth of Betrayal and A Roux of Revenge.

Ladle to the Grave
A local woman is poisoned at a pagan ritual in the woods and Lucky Jamieson’s grandfather Jack, who provided the herbs for the gathering, is suspected of making a terrible mistake. But when a dead man is found floating in a creek just outside of town, his face unrecognizable, Lucky is certain both deaths are murder. Can she find the connection and clear her grandfather’s name before more victims fall prey to a killer?

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About the author
Connie Archer is the national bestselling author of the Soup Lover’s Mystery series from Berkley Prime Crime. A Spoonful of Murder, A Broth of Betrayal and A Roux of Revenge are set in the imaginary village of Snowflake, Vermont. The fourth book in the series, Ladle to the Grave, has just been released. You can visit her website and blog at, Facebook and Twitter @SnowflakeVT.

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