Murder Ties The KnotMurder Ties the Knot by Christy Fifield is the fourth book in the “Haunted Souvenir Shop” mystery series. Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime, March 2015

It’s winter in Keyhole Bay, Florida, and while the tourist trade is slow, souvenir shop owner Glory Martine is busy with her best friend’s wedding. But between managing preparations, the bride’s in-laws, and a haunted parrot named Bluebeard, Glory makes plans to catch a killer.

As her friends Karen and Riley approach their wedding day, Glory could use a break from the nuptial madness. She takes a peaceful drive to Alabama’s piney woods to pick up the wedding quilt she ordered from a supplier. But the supplier, Beth, has disappeared along with the quilt and her husband, Everett.

Glory learns that two men were found murdered near Beth and Everett’s home and that the couple is wanted for questioning. Believing they are innocent, Glory convinces them to cooperate with authorities. But when they’re thrown in jail, Glory vows to catch the real killer before one happy couple walks down the aisle and another gets sent up the river.

I enjoyed this fast-paced and action-filled drama. The mystery was well-written and I like how every scene flowed nicely from chapter to chapter giving us enough of the story to keep my interest high. The author did a great job in presenting this with puzzle that was fun to put all the pieces together. The six friends are back again and I like the new directions they will all be facing. The best part of the book was Glory and the exciting changes in store for her and the conclusion that left a satisfying smile on my face. This was one of the best in this delightfully charming series and I look forward to more adventures in Keyhole Bay, Florida.

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