Hard to StopMy name is Max Shaw and somebody’s trying to kill me. Not that I’m surprised. As a former assassin, I made a lot of enemies over the ten years I was in the business and executed more kills than I can count. But my siblings, Jake and Sabrina, and I left that life nearly eight years ago. We immigrated from Europe to New York after I was nearly killed on our last assignment. Now I mess with people’s portfolios rather than their lives working as a trader on Wall Street.

More importantly, being a trader is respectable. It’s not like I could go around telling people I was assassin, even if it was what I’d been trained to do since I was twelve years old. I worked hard at reinventing myself in order to get some distance from my prior profession. I even opted out of joining The Alliance—a covert operation specializing in hostage negotiation and retrieval—even though my siblings work there. For me, working at a place like that was too close to what I’d been. I couldn’t take the risk that I’d fall back into being that person I no longer want to be.

Everything changed when my friend Damon is killed. Getting justice for him is my main objective, especially when I know he was killed because of me. Now I’m deep into the thick of it. Every time I turn around somebody is trying to kill me. It’s not fun getting sucked back into a life I didn’t want for myself. But it’s one of those kill or be killed kind of things.

I have no choice but to hunt down those who want me dead and eliminate them one by one. And hope I can fool that way-too-curious NYPD detective, Gianna Collini, who’s been trying to sniff out what I’ve been up to. The fact that her brother Mick might know more about who’s after me might get him killed as well. And when the kid disappears, it turns into open hunting season on me.

You can read more about Max and his siblings, Jake and Sabrina, in the Hard Target Series, through Gemma Halliday Publishing, beginning with Hard to Kill, the first in the series, followed by Hard to Trust and Hard to Stop.

About Hard To Stop

Wall Street aficionado Max Shaw is a wanted man. He hasn’t figured out how or why there’s a price on his head, but after the third attempt on his life, he realizes this isn’t going to go away any time soon. Forced as a teenager to work as a covert assassin, he’s no stranger to dangerous situations. But he thought he left that life behind him long ago.

To keep his former profession under wraps, Max is forced to team up with sexy Detective Gianna Collini. But can he trust her? Or does she have an agenda of her own? When the case becomes personal for them both, Max finds himself struggling to keep his past secret, his feelings for Gianna professional, and put his closet full of skeletons to rest once and for all…before a killer catches up to them both.

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Meet the author
Born and raised in the Chicago area, Wendy worked in the field of social work for twelve years before deciding to WendyBconcentrate more on her writing. With several books already published and several more in the works, most days you can find her pounding away at her laptop spinning tales and inflicting mayhem on her hero and heroine until they beg for mercy. You can find Wendy at: website, on Twitter and on Facebook

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