Fascinating RhythmDecember 8, 1924

What a tiresome day this has been! I am very glad that I decided not to work tonight and went to see Lady Be Good instead. (Mem – Adele Astaire was very good. And I think the composer, a George Gershwin, also composed that Rhapsody in Blue experiment that was so talked about last spring.)

I suppose I shouldn’t complain so much. I know plenty of women at Healcroft House who would be thrilled to be editing, even with their bosses getting the credit. But Mr. Selby decided not to come in to work again today, and on a Monday, of all days! I had to call him to remind him about the editors’ meeting and he said I should cover it. Well, of course, I should cover it. I’m the one doing his work! Sadly, I didn’t think Mr. Healcroft would agree. At least the old goat let me stay at the meeting.

But he is getting suspicious about Mr. Selby (who is almost never at the office these days, I wonder what he does all day?) And after fighting Mr. Trimble this afternoon about the Keller print run, I am very close to telling Mr. Healcroft what is going on.

Maybe after I finish editing The Old Money Story. Mr. Little (or his ghost writer) has written such a wonderful novel. I have no idea how Mr. Selby acquired that for the firm (could he really be working when he’s gone after all?), but I’m glad he decided I should do the work on it. It’s pure joy to work on, even if the story wanders off track. That will be easy to fix. Well, we’ll have to see what Mr. Little writes back in response to my letter.

I just hope I can keep Mr. Healcroft from finding out about me until after the book is printed and selling well. I should go to bed. Tomorrow will be upon me far too quickly as it is, but maybe I’ll do a few quick edits on The Old Money Story. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Mr. Selby will find himself out of a job and I can finally take credit for what I’m doing.

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