Musseled OutMusseled Out by Barbara Ross is the third book in the “Maine Clambake” mystery series. Publisher: Kensington, April 2015

The busy summer tourist season is winding down in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, but Julia Snowden senses trouble simmering for the Snowden Family Clambake Company. Shifty David Thwing–the “Mussel King” of upscale seafood restaurants–is sniffing around town for a new location. But serving iffy clams turns out to be the least of his troubles.

When Thwing is found sleeping with the fishes beneath a local lobsterman’s boat, the police quickly finger Julia’s brother-in-law Sonny as the one who cooked up the crime. Sure, everyone knows Sonny despised the Mussel King. . .but Julia believes he’s innocent. Proving it won’t be easy, though. It seems there’s a lot more than murder on the menu, and Julia needs to act fast.

I love this book. Julia is on the case when her brother-in-law is implicated in a murder and in the pursuit of justice, Julia learns more about her family, her friends and herself.

I love how the author uses the narrative to let me visually see the town and the people of Busman’s Harbor from Gus’ restaurant, from Morrow Island, the multi-use police building, the fresh salty air and just walking the streets in the small town. I so want to visit this coastal town. The author did a great job in serving up multiple mysteries that grabbed my attention and kept it going until the last page was turned. This fast-paced drama had me caught up in all the action and it was fun watching it all come together, especially with that surprising twist that I did not see coming. Boasting an eclectic cast of characters, good conversation and a small town feel, this is my favorite book in the series. I really like the direction this story is taking and I’m looking forward to more exciting new adventures with Julia and her friends in this delightfully charming series.

Thank you, Barbara, for the appearance of my name in the acknowledgment section.

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