Bone To Be WildCece Dee Falcon, formerly Cecil, is the society editor of the Zinnia Dispatch in the Sarah Booth Delaney Mississippi Delta mystery series. Sassy, smart, and fearless, Cece controls the society scene, while at the same time standing convention on its ear.

Private Eye Sarah Booth Delaney has known Cece since grammar school, and when Sarah Booth’s in a pinch on a case, she often calls on Cece for a helping hand. Although Cece, who is never less than a fashion plate, is the society editor, she has the news instincts of Woodward and Bernstein rolled into one. She’s smart, determined, and she has her ways of getting information.

I’ve asked Sarah Booth to interview Cece for Dru’s Book Blog.

SB: What made you go into journalism, Cece?
CDF: I wanted to tell the truth about important events and people. I always believed that if people had the truth put in front of them, they would choose to do the right thing. I was a little naïve, I suppose, because sometimes when slammed upside the head with the truth, folks just get mad. But journalists are supposed to be the watchdogs of the community. They are supposed to question authority and dig up the facts. It’s a tough job, but a vital one in a democracy.

SB: You’ve recently found a love interest. How’s that going for you?
CDF: I never realized how rich life could be until Jaytee came along. That man can blow a harp! And he knocked me right out of my shoes with his thoughtfulness and generosity—and, dah-link, you know I love my shoes. Money is good to have, Sarah Booth, but it is love that makes the world go round. You remember that.

SB: I was surprised when you belted out a blues tune at Playin’ the Bones. Who taught you to sing the blues?
CDF: There’s no teaching anyone to sing the blues. Either you feel them or you don’t, and I was born with the blues in my soul. Growing up in the wrong body, now that’s deep dark blues. Going against my family—that broke my heart. But I had to do what was necessary to become the person I needed to be. So life taught me to sing the blues, Sarah Booth. You could sing a bit of the blues yourself if you didn’t have a frog voice.

SB: I’m no singer, that’s for sure. It just so happened that you were gifted with a set of pipes that allows you to express yourself. I love hearing you sing. Who’s your favorite blues artist?
CDF: That’s not fair, Sarah Booth. There are so many, and I love them all for different reasons. Billie Holiday’s voice, and her courage. How I admire her. Janis Joplin. And no one can play a guitar like B.B. King. But that Scott Hampton, who keeps sniffing around you, is just sex on a stick when he makes that guitar moan. You’re a fool not to jump on that. I’ll bet that man could make you hit a high C.

SB: I don’t think Coleman Peters would be very happy, you encouraging me to have a fling with Scott.
CDF: Girls just wanna have fun. Coleman understands your heart is mending and you need to kick up your heels and have some escapades. Just be careful not to break any hearts, especially your own. I know you well enough, Sarah Booth Delaney, that you won’t listen to any advice from anyone. You’ll go your merry way, doing whatever you want. So Coleman and Scott and those past loves will just have to wait for you to make up your mind.

SB: I’m not the subject of this interview. You are. So tell us, will wedding bells be in the future?
CDF: I’ll have to really think about that. I feel no need to marry Jaytee. We’re happy together. A legal commitment can’t make our love stronger. There are legal benefits, though. Things people don’t think about, like social security, inheritance, property ownership. Marriage is a legal contract, and a lot of people forget that. As to me and Jaytee, only time will tell.

SB: Working on any hot news stories?
CDF: We have a dangerous criminal at large in Sunflower County. One Gertrude Strom. You know, the crazy former B&B owner who shot your fiancé in the leg. How has she escaped capture? She was spotted over in Natchez, then up in West Point and Columbus. Now she was seen in Shubuta. How can she drive all over the state and not be apprehended? That’s a big story. Is she magic?

SB: I suppose you, me, and Tinkie will have to take her down. Maybe we should have a manhunt right now.
CDF: Let me finish this story for tomorrow’s society page and I’ll be ready to go with you. I hear the royal couple, Kate and William, will be visiting the Delta. Tea parties will abound, and not the political ones. Now shoo on out of my office so I can finish my work. Stop by Millie’s Café and get that hound dog of yours a treat. Sweetie Pie deserves some chicken and dumplings. Now shoo, shoo, shoo!

You can read more about CeCe Dee in Bone To Be Wild, the 15th book in the “Sarah Booth Delaney” mystery series, published by Minotaur. The first book in the series is Them Bones.

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About the author
Bone To Be Wild, which released this month, is the 15th Sarah Booth Delaney mystery. The author, Carolyn Haines, is a native of Mississippi and an animal lover. She runs a small 501c3 animal rescue, Good Fortune Farm Refuge, which rehabilitates and rehomes a small number of horses, dogs, and cats each year. Haines urges all pet owners to spay and neuter and to adopt from shelters. For more information, go to to sign up for her newsletter. Or you can join her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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