SunbakedDear Gramps,

It was great to get your letter. I delivered it to myself today in my capacity as the local mailman, which was sort of a surreal experience. Thanks for the fifty bucks. I really appreciate it.

First things first: I am in love. Her name is Alice, and she moved to the island two weeks ago to work at the museum. She’s a historian or something and she is amazing. One fly in the ointment: Mr. Cool (so he thinks), Deputy Superintendent John ‘Blue’ Roker, the Pineapple Cay chief of police, but I am working on that. I’ll keep you posted, but this is serious.

Anyway, how are things up there? I saw on the news that Denver got walloped by a big blizzard yesterday. Did you get it too? It has been a steady 80 degrees and sunny here every day for the past three months, maybe longer. I fell asleep in the hammock on my front porch this afternoon with the strap of my binoculars across my face, and now I’m glowing red all over with a diagonal stripe on my nose. It hurts to smile. Or frown, for that matter. But other than that, things are going great. I’m loving the island life. White sand beaches, palm trees, and some pretty interesting characters shuffling around the place. I really wish you’d come down to visit me. You’d love it too. I know this guy with a fishing lodge, Ted, and he’d take us out fishing, no problem. Lots of celebrities come here to go fishing with him.

You mentioned the mail order bride catalogues again. Like I said before, Gramps, they weren’t for me, they were for you. I worry about you up there on the ranch by yourself. Anyway, if any more of them come in the mail, you can just throw them away, if you want, or take them down to the Legion. Remember what you said to me when my cruise ship career came to an abrupt end? Something about having to pick yourself up and carry on and that the sun will still rise tomorrow morning? Like what Nan used to say, ‘when you point the finger at someone else, three are pointing back at you.’ I think she used to say ‘four are pointing back at you,’ but that is technically impossible, so I have modified it. You know what I mean.

The other big news around here is that some lady from New York has bought old Miss Rose Knox’s shack on the beach and boy, is übersnob Barry Bassett ever pis mad. You remember I was telling you how he is planning to build this huge hotel and condos which would hold more people than there are living on this entire island right now? Everyone’s pretty worked up about it, including Michel, the owner of the Plantation Inn, which is a very swank ‘boutique hotel.’ Michel’s not keen on the hordes from the all-inclusive resort cluttering up the place. Anyway, Barry wanted Miss Rose’s beachfront property, and now he’s lost it to Nina Spark from New York City. She’s never even been here. Bought the house off the internet in the middle of the night last week and is moving here tomorrow without her husband. Can’t wait to meet her and see what that looks like.

Well, I got to get going. My shift starts in an hour. Talk to you soon.
Dave (your grandson)
p.s. They call me Danish here.

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Junie Coffey lives with Fisherman Fred and Hurricane Annie in a little town north of 45 degrees latitude which got two hundred inches of snow last winter. She has lived, worked and traveled throughout the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and spends time in the islands every chance she gets. Visit Junie at

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