Tastes Like MurderHello there! My name is Sally Muccio. The last name is pronounced Mooch-EE-o. Please feel free to call me Sal–everyone does. In high school, kids nicknamed me Sal the Mooch when I forgot to pay someone back once. Totally embarrassing, right? But today, I have even bigger problems.

I left my cheating ex-husband in Florida and relocated back to my hometown of Colwestern, New York. It’s a small area in the Buffalo region. At least now all I have to worry about is six feet of snow in the winter. Or so I thought….

I’m proud to announce that I have a new novelty cookie shop called Sally’s Samples. My best friend Josie is the head baker. She’s fabulous at decorations and can think up recipes on the spur of the moment. Josie makes the best cookies ever. I think her fudgy delights are my favorite. Well, maybe not. I also love the genettis. Or was it the raspberry cheesecake ones?

Okay, who am I kidding, I love them all! And I really need my comfort foods these days. I just moved out of my parents’ house and into my own apartment above the shop. Let me tell you, it wasn’t a moment too soon. I mean, I love them dearly but they’re a bit whack a doodle. And I have enough drama going on in my life right now.

One person I was not happy to see in my shop today was Amanda Gregorio. We went to high school together, and she’s always had it in for me. I’m not sure why. She’s rich and beautiful and owns an overpriced spa in town for the wealthy. I’d love a facial but knowing her, she’d probably shave my head instead. With so much going for her, you’d think Amanda would be happy but she’s quite possibly the nastiest person alive. Oh, and did I forget to mention that I once caught her in bed with my now ex-husband?

This is the second day in a row Amanda’s visited my shop. I know she’s trying to torment me, but I’m determined not to let her win. Josie wanted to throw Amanda out on her *insert word*, but I stopped her just in time. Why, you might ask? Well, Amanda’s family is powerful and she’d love to make trouble for my new bakery. Josie said she’d get her just desserts someday. I think there’s a pun in that statement somewhere.

I’ll admit it—I was proud of how well I handled the situation. I figured that this was a test of some sort. I mean, if I can wait on Amanda, I can handle anybody, right? The next thing you know, my ex-boyfriend from high school will probably come strolling in. Even though it’s been ten years I can’t seem to forget about him, and often wonder what could have been, if it wasn’t for Backseat Brenda.

Anyhow, can you believe that Amanda even tried to wrangle a discount from me? With all the money she’s got? Then she demanded her fortune cookie. They’re the theme of my shop, and customers get a free one with every purchase. Josie’s are fabulous. She dips them in chocolate, vanilla or heath bar topping with sprinkles. Like all of Josie’s cookies, they are to die for. Quite literally. You see, there’s something about these cookies that kind of bothers me. The messages–it’s like there’s some truth to them. The predictions are always spot on. If I didn’t know any better I’d think they were psychic. Isn’t that just the silliest thing you’ve ever heard?

So when Amanda opened her fortune cookie and read that strange message—maybe, just maybe, I should have known….

That I’d find her body lying on my front porch.

(Sigh.) It’s going to be a long night.

You can read more about Sally in Tastes Like Murder, the first book in the NEW “Cookies & Chance” mystery series, published by Gemma Halliday Publishing.

About Tastes Like Murder

Sally Muccio’s had her crosses to bear: a cheating ex-boyfriend, crazy Italian parents, and an unfaithful husband, just to name a few. After her divorce, she returns to her hometown to start a novelty cookie shop whose specialties include original fortune cookies, served with a sprinkle of foreshadowing. But there’s no warning when her ex-husband’s mistress drops dead on Sal’s porch, and police confirm it’s a homicide. Determined to stop her life from becoming a recipe for disaster, Sal takes matters into her own hands. With two very different men vying for her affection, dead bodies piling up, and a reputation hanging by an apron string, Sal finds herself in a race against time to save both her business and life—before the last cookie crumbles.

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Meet the author
Catherine lives in a male dominated household that consists of her very patient husband, three sons, two cats and dogs. She has wanted to be a writer since the age of eight when she wrote her own version of Cinderella. Fortunately, Disney never sued. Catherine holds a B.A. and dual major in English/Performing Arts and is a former newspaper reporter. Her second mystery series, featuring a real estate agent, debuts in November from Gemma Halliday Publishing. The first book is titled Killer Transaction.

You can visit Catherine at her website: www.catherinebruns.net, on Facebook and on Twitter

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