16 Millimeters by Larissa Reinhart is the second book in the “Maizie Albright Star Detective” humorous mystery series. Publisher: Past Perfect Press, October 2017

In continuing her career-makeover quest as a for-real detective, ex-teen and reality star Maizie Albright has a big learning curve to overcome. A sleuthing background starring in a TV show– Julia Pinkerton, Teen Detective–does not cut the real life mustard. It doesn’t even buy her lunch, let alone extra condiments. Her chosen mentor, Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions, is not a willing teacher. He’d rather stick Maizie with a safe desk job and handle the security solution-ing himself. But Maizie’s got other plans to help Nash. First, win Nash’s trust. Second, his heart.

That Maize is one fun character. Babysitting; a dead body or two; amusing antics; and a fast-paced read is wrapped up in a multi-plot mystery that I could not put down until the last page was read. With visually descriptive narrative, humorous quips, witty repartee and a quirky cast of characters, this was a such a fun book to read and I enjoyed watching Maize tackle the situations that she found herself in. The mystery was nicely done and when I thought I had a handle on the person responsible, the author strategically placed twists and turns that had me going in another direction, all to enhance the telling of this tale. From Nash, to her job, to her mother, Maize proves her determination to succeed in her chosen aspiration and it’s a fun ride watching her and I especially like the sparks between her and Nash. This was an engagingly entertaining book and I can’t wait to see where we go next with Maize, Nash and the rest of the gang.

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