White Sand Blues by Vicki Delany is the first book in the NEW “Ashley Grant” mystery series. Publisher: Orca Book Publishers, October 2017

When paramedic Ashley Grant finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she moves out of her house (okay, his house), quits her job and takes a new one in a tiny Caribbean country, the Victoria and Albert Islands.

Ashley is thrown into the deep end when she arrives. Her new colleague picks her up at the airport in the island’s only ambulance, which is called to the discovery of a body floating off the beach at the exclusive Club Louisa. The body is that of a man vacationing with his daughter and glamorous new wife. Coincidentally, Sally, the daughter of the dead man, recognizes Ashley from high school. She is convinced that her stepmother killed her father and begs Ashley to help her prove it.

Before she can even unpack her bags or enjoy the view from her ocean-side apartment, Ashley is unwittingly dragged into a murder investigation.

This well-written and fast-paced drama takes place in the Caribbean island where nothing is as it appears. Immediately upon arrival Ashley is on the job and involved in her first murder mystery. The author does a great job in pulling this story together with imagery of the island life as well as clues that was staged to guide us along and it was those little twists and turns that propelled me toward the end, especially when the killer’s identity was revealed. Nicely setup, the characters’ roles and their interactions led to my enjoyment in this wonderfully developed story and I look forward to reading more about Ashely and hope to see more of Alan as well.

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