Three Divers Deep by Keith Donnelly is the seventh book in the “Donald Youngblood” mystery series. Publisher: John F. Blair, December 2017

Don Youngblood was enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning. Then, his previous boss from New York phoned for a favor. A belly dancer is missing and a financial hotshot employee is lovesick and under-performing. Youngblood’s Mission: Find the missing belly dancer. Problem: A male witch (warlock to some)is also looking for the belly dancer.

A few days later, a call for help from a previous local client whose granddaughter has been kidnapped and Youngblood’s life is anything but peaceful. A kidnapping, serial killer clown and a sleaze-bag from the past who has seemingly risen from the dead are all part of a second case; one that leads Youngblood through a labyrinth of clues and dead ends to a shocking and deadly conclusion in the desert of New Mexico.

Three Divers Deep proves to be another crackling entry in the Donald Youngblood Mystery Series.

There’s always a series that is not well-known but you enjoy. Mine is the Donald Youngblood series by Keith Donnelly. This is one of my favorite series that I discovered accidentally and every time a book is published, I can’t wait to dive into it. Who can have a belly dancer, a love struck young man, a masquerading clown and a dead man come back to life and make this drama work? Only Keith and it shows in the narrative that immediately consumed all my attention in this action-packed drama that crisscrossed the country and Canada. The way this story was staged, it kept me intrigued in all aspect from the missing woman, the kidnapping, the pursuit, the fire, the loss, all having played pivotal roles in how well this story was told. I love the pacing. I love the short chapters. I love and admire the characterization of Donald Youngblood. I love the great supporting cast and I love that this is an all-around feel-good book. Kudos to Mr. Donnelly who continues to keep me engaged and entertained while enjoying the life of Donald Youngblood. Again, one of my favorites and a best book.  With how this book ended, I look forward to the team’s next adventures in this terrific series.

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