I worked hard to create this new identity in Las Vegas. My life’s on cruise control, destination nowhere. I got clients enough to pay bills, a cat, and a stash of good Scotch.

I start my day over at the Coffee Girl. It’s across the street from my townhouse and there’s a sweet waitress there who makes me smile. It used to be a greasy spoon with proper food and coffee so strong it could dissolve paint. But some dude from the east coast came in and took over. Now the menu is all vegan and vegetarian.

I used that booth like a second office at times.

The PI work is mostly boring. I do lots of surveillance for insurance fraud claims. You know, some guy says he slipped in a casino and wants unemployment and disability checks when at the same time he’s out shooting hoops with his squad.

I get a call from a defense lawyer now and then to go back and interview witnesses for a trial. I can read people, and I’m skilled at pulling info out of them. “Just one more thing, ma’am,” like Columbo.
Yep. I’m more than content to live up to my slacker reputation. That is until I took on this new client. She’s searching for her brother, Dan. Not so easy—but once I find Dan, I realize I’ve been duped.

Some days it sucks to be a PI.

You can read more about Jim in 19 Souls, the first book in the NEW “Sin City” private investigation series.

Her bloody finger left a translucent smear on the phone screen as she glanced through the list of private investigators in Vegas. Her stained nail came to rest on Sin City Investigations.

Jim Bean would serve her well.

Private investigator Jim Bean is a straightforward, to-the-point man. He likes his cases to follow suit. But when his latest client, Sophie Evers, asks him to find her brother Daniel, Jim has no idea how complicated his life is about to become.

As he falls deep into a manipulative game of cat and mouse, Jim uncovers the horrible truth about Sophie. Now he must set things right before her plan leads to the loss of innocent souls . . . even more than it already has.

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Meet the author
J.D. Allen (Raleigh, NC) earned a degree in forensic anthropology and creative writing from Ohio State University. She’s also taught other writers on a variety of topics, including the basics of crime scene investigation and the art of public speaking.

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