I love to read. A book, a magazine, the cereal box, the milk container, anything with words that interests me, I’ll read them all. You can learn so much by picking up a book. I read a variety of genres but my favorites are mysteries (both traditional and cozies), suspense, romantic suspense and thrillers.

When I’m not reading, you find me watching TV, listening to music, whether it’s my iPod or the radio, traveling and expressing my creativity by making quilts. All in all, not bad for a shy introverted person like myself.

I am currently a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime.

See my “Feature” tab if you are interested in doing a guest post.

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  1. Hello Dru, I guess we are sisters..in crime. I am also one of Gemma Halliday’s authors and would be very, very thankful if at your convenience we could do an interview? I mean, you interviewing me? I promise, I’m sober and had my coffee…ciao. Maria Grazia Swan

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