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Dr. Mer Cavallo and a day in the Keys by Micki Browning

The gin clear waters off Key Largo were the last place I expected to find the dark side of paradise, but there it was, bobbing on the gentle waves. I pointed it out to Leroy, the captain of the LunaSea. He did a double take. “Looks like we got us a square grouper.” I...

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Ginger Barnes and a day in her life by Donna Huston Murray

THE MORNING the deceased came into my life I woke up with a start, the way I had when I was a kid. Lifting my head from the pillow, I squinted at pale June daylight leaking through the gap in the bedroom drapes. No doubt about it; I felt different. Eager. Ambitious....

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Jackie Thum and a day in her life by Maddy Hunter

I’m swearing off men. Forever. You would too if you’d found your hair stylist husband in flagrante dilecto with one of his hair models. In our own bed! So I’m divorcing the lowlife and attempting to boost my spirits by touring Cornwall with a lovable group of Iowa...

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On the move with Perveen Mistry by Sujata Massey

Is it already seven o’clock? I’ve hardly slept! I was up too late drinking coffee and talking politics with Pappa yesterday evening. The Britishers have put Gandhiji in prison again, and Pappa doesn’t know if it’s wise to add his name to the list of lawyers decrying...

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My Musing ~ Say No Moor by Maddy Hunter

Say No Moor by Maddy Hunter is the 11th book in the “Passport to Peril” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, coming January 8, 2018 Hoping to reach an expanded clientele of senior travellers, Emily Miceli, travel agency owner and tour escort, offers discounted...

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My Musing ~ Pre-Meditated Murder by Tracy Weber

Pre-Meditated Murder by Tracy Weber is the fifth book in the “Downward Dog” mystery series. Publisher: Midnight Ink, coming January 8, 2018 If Kate Doesn’t Act Fast, the Only “I Do” in Michael’s Future Will Be at His Trial Yoga instructor Kate Davidson is ready to...

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My Musing ~ Three Divers Deep by Keith Donnelly

Three Divers Deep by Keith Donnelly is the seventh book in the "Donald Youngblood" mystery series. Publisher: John F. Blair, December 2017 Don Youngblood was enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning. Then, his previous boss from New York phoned for a favor. A belly dancer...

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My Musing ~ Importance of Being Urnest by Sandra Balzo

Importance of Being Urnest by Sandra Balzo is the 10th book in the “Maggy Thorsen” mystery series. Publisher: Severn House Publishers, December 2017 Maggy confronts a number of mysterious deaths and has an important decision to make about her future with Sheriff Jake...

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New Releases: Week of January 1, 2018

Here are eleven titles for your reading pleasure. From Camel Press, Gemma Halliday Publishing, Mulholland Books, Pegasus Books, Penguin Random House, Poisoned Pen Press, Polaris Press, Severn House Publishers, Simon & Schuster, St. Martin's Paperbacks Two are debut...

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January 2018 Releases

Print copy here January 1 The Case of the Unsuitable Suitor by Cathy Ace (WISE Enquiries Agency #4) Another One Bites the Crust by Ellie Alexander (Bakeshop #7) It's Tutu Much by Lorraine Bartlett (Life On Victoria Square #4) Murder of a Good Man by Teresa Trent...

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Cover Reveal ~ A Stolen Woman by Catherine Lea

I am excited to share with you the cover for the third book in the “Elizabeth McClaine” thriller series from Brakelight Press, coming January 25, 2018. Title: A Stolen Woman Series: Elizabeth McClaine Genre: Thriller Publisher: Brakelight Press Website:...

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Cover Reveal ~ Silenced by Sugar by Catherine Bruns

It is my pleasure to share with you the cover for the fifth book in the “Cookies & Chance” mystery series from Gemma Halliday Publishing, coming January 16, 2018. Title: Silenced by Sugar Series: Cookies & Chance #5 Genre: Cozy Mystery Publisher: Gemma Halliday...

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Bouchercon Recap 2017

Bouchercon 2017: Passport to Murder Location: Toronto, Canada Hotel: Sheraton Centre Toronto Date: October 12 – 15, 2017 Bouchercon is the world’s finest annual crime fiction event, bringing together more than 1,500 authors, fans, publishers, reviewers, booksellers,...

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Anthony Award Nominations 2017

The Anthony Award nominations for 2017 have been announced on the Toronto Bouchercon website. Winners will be announced in Toronto at Bouchercon's Passport To Murder in October.  Below is the list of nominees. Congratulations to them all! Best Novel You Will Know Me –...

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