Out of Time by Samantha Graves is the second book in the romantic suspense series. Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing), August 2008

For museum curator Jillian Talbot, her ability to see an object’s history is her little secret. She never expects it to land her in the middle of a deadly battle for money and power between dangerous underground elements. The object of their greed: an ancient crystal lens that can unlock mysteries from the past… but only for someone with the sight. The one person who doesn’t seem to want her dead is a cynical tomb raider who Jillian can only hope is worthy of her trust…

Simon Bonner has paid the last of his debts and is out of the looting game…until the lens lands on his doorstep. The other half of the crystal’s secret is locked inside the eyes of a straitlaced psychic who still believes in doing the right thing. Now he must track the mystery deep into Mexico, where his desire to stay alive and his growing passion for the sexy seer make every move a dance with danger.

Tomorrow could be history.

This is the second book in the series that features sisters, Jillian Talbot who has the sight to see through objects. This is a romantic suspense with a twist of paranormal and I enjoyed it.

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