Like A Charm by Candace Havens. Publisher: Berkley, February 2008

From the acclaimed author of Charmed & Dangerous comes a sassy new paranormal romance about a gorgeous librarian who sees dead people.

Kira Smythe never thought she’d end up back in her hometown of Sweet, Texas. But now that her high-powered job, along with her five-year plan, have gone right out the window, she’s back where she started, staying with her hippie, tofu- obsessed parents-except that somehow she’s inherited the local library. At least there’s a gorgeous guy in town who seems quite smitten with her. So what if he’s got a few secrets up his sleeve? After all, Kira’s got her own secrets. Like the dead people who won’t stop talking to her. Or the magical books on the shelves. Or the fact that someone who’s very much alive seems determined to push her over to the other side.

Kira Smythe, who witnesses a tragic event and her life as she knows it disappears first when she heads home for parental comfort and then begins to see what life is all about. While recuperating, she loses her job, runs into a college friend, meets a potential boyfriend and re-discovers the people who helped shaped her childhood. There’s a hint of paranormal in this quirky romance story which I enjoyed. 

*new-to-me author

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