Crossfire by JoAnn Ross is the second book in the “High Risk” romantic suspense series. Publisher: Signet, September 2008

F.B.I. Special Agent Caitlin Cavanaugh’s latest assignment: to stop a violent madman on the rampage in Somersett, South Carolina. Even more challenging is working with sexy former Navy SEAL Quinn McKade, as they spend the steamy summer nights together investigating the murders. But when the killer starts leaving chilling clues, the pair knows that the murders aren’t random—and that they could be next.

This book features FBI Special Agent Caitlin Cavanaugh and Quinn McKade, former SEAL. This romantic suspense starts with one man down due to a sniper’s bullet. With the assistance of McKade, Cait is gathering the clues to find this sniper who sends his messages to the departing TV news reporter. Will they catch the sniper before he kills again? Will their one-night stand from years past have them move towards a new relationship? This was a good story from the first chapter to the last word.

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