Southern Poison by T. Lynn Ocean is the second book in the “Jersey Barnes,” mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, September 2008

The last time Jersey Barnes tried to quit her career as a security specialist and leave home without a weapon, she ended up in the middle of a high-stakes cover-up and a scheme to steal millions from hardworking Americans. This time her early retirement is for real. Friends threw her a party to prove it. There was a cake and everything.

But out of the blue, her former handler shows up with other ideas. When Jersey tells him she doesn’t want an assignment—even if does come with an upfront hazard-pay bonus—he reminds her of a clause in the contract she signed back when she was first recruited to work for the government: a pesky paragraph that says she can be recalled into service at any time.

With boating and golfing plans on hold yet again, Jersey straps on her weapon of choice and goes undercover to help root out a terrorist threat—only to learn that another more sinister plot is in the works. And things aren’t any more relaxing at home, either. Just as she starts to explore a steamy relationship with her hunky pub manager, Ox, his ex-wife flies in from California to reclaim him.

All she wants to do is stay retired, run the bar that she owns and take her boat on the water.  She gets pulled into a case where her life is in jeopardy. Along the way there is her best friend, her father and the rest of the gang who are there to give a hand when she needs it.  I really like this series and I can’t wait to read more about Jersey and her adventures.

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