Murder Packs A Suitcase by Cynthia Baxter is the first book in a new series “Murder Packs A Suitcase” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Bantam, October 2008

Mallory Marlowe is ready to turn a corner—one lined with palm trees, plastic pink flamingo lawn ornaments, and snack bars shaped like giant ice cream cones. Thanks to her new job as travel writer for the New York magazine The Good Life, recently widowed Mallory is zipping around Orlando, assigned to rediscover the glory days of “old Florida.” It’s the first of what she hopes will be many exciting adventures . . . but she’s about to discover that the Sunshine State has a dark side.

Settled in among the faux volcanoes and tiki torches of the Polynesian Princess Hotel, Mallory is on the lookout for quirky attractions like alligator farms and pirate-themed diners hidden amid the glitzy theme parks. But she’s not prepared to find a cranky journalist speared to death in the Bali Ballroom—or to find herself a suspect in his murder. With her trip coming to a close, Mallory has no choice but to figure out if one of her fellow travel writers is a killer. Because if she doesn’t get out of Florida soon, her career—and her life—are about to come to a dead end.

Includes Mallory’s article for The Good Life, with tips and reviews of real Florida attractions!

Her two children are in college and Mallory gets a job as a travel writer and her first assignment is in Florida.  While discovering what her new job is about, Mallory becomes embroiled in a murder, becomes a suspect and decides that only she will find the real murderer.  This was an entertaining story and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

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