A Killer Workout by Kathryn Lilley is the second book in the “Fat City” mystery series. Publisher: Signet, October 2008

Plus-sized reporter Kate Gallagher decides to report for duty at Body Blast, a boot camp-style fitness program. But then her roomie is discovered with a broken neck at the foot of the climbing wall. It’s not the first suspicious accident at the camp—another woman recently fell to her death during a Wilderness Challenge.

Kate knows that losing weight is hard, but now it looks like it’s turning into mortal combat.

Due to her station’s mandate that they keep their BMI fit, Kate Gallagher, a TV investigative reporter is off to a diet boot camp.  While there, Kate’s roommate is found mysteriously dead outside the obstacle course and being an investigating reporter, Kate discovers that this was not the first incident at this particular boot camp. Kate is on the trail to find out who is behind the threat on her life and the various capers.  This was an entertaining story.

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