Silent Run by Barbara Freethy is the first book in a two-book romantic suspense series. Publisher: Onyx, March 2008

RUNNING SCARED … A woman wakes in a hospital bed with no idea of who she is. Her memory is gone. Her baby is missing. All she has is the gripping certainty that she is in mortal danger. Then an angry, handsome stranger makes a terrible accusation. He was her lover — and her child’s father — until she disappeared seven months ago.

RUNNING BLIND … Jake Sanders swore he’d never forgive Sarah Tucker, but he isn’t about to let her get away again — especially not with his daughter still missing. If he has any chance of recovering his baby, he must help the woman who betrayed him retrieve the pieces of her shattered past — without letting his feelings get in the way.

RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES … Haunted by troubling flashes of memory, Sarah begins to realize she has lived a life of lies. Now a relentless killer is after her, determined to make her pay for her sins. Sarah and Jake have no choice but to trust each other to defeat an enemy who is hot on their heels and closing in fast.

Sarah Tucker wakes up in a hospital suffering with amnesia from a car accident.  Her only clue to her identity is Jake Sanders demanding to know where their daughter is and why she has lied about her past and ran away seven months ago. Slowly as her memory is coming back, someone is out to kill her, seeking people from a past she has forgotten and causing harm.  It’s up to Sarah and Jake to unlock her memory so they can find their missing daughter and stop the person after her.  Along the way they learn to trust and love each other again with a new beginning.

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