It Happened One Knife by Jeffrey Cohen is the second book in the “Double Feature” cozy mystery series.  Publisher: Berkley Prime Crime (Penguin), July 2008

Elliot Freed is beyond happy when legendary comics Lillis & Townes appear at his refurbished all-comedy theater. But when insinuations arise that the duo were involved in a decades-old Hollywood murder, Elliot sets out to prove the rumors wrong.

Elliot Freed finally meets his childhood idol only to discover that one of them may have been involved in a murder 50 years ago.  Also on his plate is a missing movie by one of his workers; the tribulation of the other teenage worker and dating his ex-wife.  Trying to find the murderer puts his life in danger, but he does solve it as well as find the person who stole the missing movie. I enjoyed this one better than the first one.  [3 stars – liked it]

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