Talk of the Town by Karen Hawkins is the first book in “The Glory NC” contemporary romance series.  Publisher: Pocket, November 2008

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Hawkins pens a delightfully sexy tale of modern love in a small Southern town.

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Newly divorced Roxie Treymayne is dying to find out. After years of being the perfect Southern lady, all she ended up with was a cheating husband. So she goes bombshell blond, gets a provocatively placed tattoo, and prepares to live it up as a Bad Girl. But then her mother falls ill…and Roxie is forced to return to Glory, North Carolina.

He’d Love to Know.

Once the town bad boy, Nick Sheppard is now Glory’s highly respected sheriff. When the hot blonde he stops for speeding turns out to be formerly prim Homecoming Queen Roxanne Treymayne, Nick doesn’t quite know where to look — though he’d like a much closer one at the tattoo peeking from her shorts.

But It Takes Two to Tango.

Roxie and Nick had a steamy fling in high school, but a love affair between a Southern princess and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks was doomed from the start. Now they have a second chance. Can they get it right? Or will they just end up…the talk of the town?

Roxanne Treymayne not only shed her cheating ex-husband, but has changed her look by going blonde, wearing a navel ring and having a tattoo placed on her cheek.  Roxie’s all set to display the new her, when news come that her mother had a heart attack so off to Glory NC instead of Paris, she goes.  Nick Sheppard was one of the bad boys growing up but is now the one-town sheriff.  He stops Roxie as she is speeding with a warning and from that moment on they will be on a roller coaster of love, lust and what ifs. This was an entertaining romance with a mystery thrown in which I thoroughly enjoyed.  [4 stars – really liked it]

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