Baring Arms by Jo-Ann Power is the second book in the Me and Mr. Jones mystery series. Publisher: Minotaur Books, November 2008

All politics is loco! Especially for Texas Congresswoman Carly Wagner.

Lately, she’s been polishing her profile. Two months ago, she walked into her office in the Rayburn Building and found that a powerful man had been murdered in her chair. With the help of a young, yummy and lethal bodyguard who called himself Mr. Jones, she uncovered the killer. Now she’s getting back to work. For a smart, savvy lady who’s a former Miss Texas and a barrel-racing queen, this should be a snap. After all, she has friends in high places.

But she’s also got more than one big problem.

Her twelve-year-old daughter has gone goth. Her ex-husband doesn’t care. Her meddling mother does.

So when Carly’s daughter Jordan stumbles over the body of a neighbor strangled in his home, Carly decides to discover who did him in. But the tantalizing and infuriating Mr. Jones once more appears at her garden gate and declares he has other ideas: He warns Carly to mind her own business—and leave all the sleuthing to him.

But what’s a feisty woman to do when her child is threatened—and her career is, too? No self-respecting gal can just sit on her hands and let a mere man do all the work! Besides, Jones might be able to charm the hide off a heffer, but when it comes to lassoing varmints inside the Beltway and out, Carly knows best how to get her man. Jones has to lead, follow or get out of her way. Doesn’t he?

Baring Arms is the second in a delicious new series featuring the crime-solving duo of Congresswoman Carly Wagner and the delectable Mr. Jones.

In this caper, Carly Wagner’s, fifth-term Texas congresswoman is concerned when her daughter finds their neighbor dead. Mr. Jones, a high-level secret operative is on the case to find out what really happened next door and warns Carly to let his people handle it. Not to let it go alone Carly is determined to help move this investigation along before any harm comes to her daughter. This book has everything: politics, power and murder and it is enjoyable to see Carly weed through the information that she has to find the culprit. This was a very enjoyable read and I’m look forward to the next book in the series.  [4 stars – really liked it]

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