Fed Up by Jessica Conant-Park and Susan Conant is the fourth book in the “Gourmet Girl” cozy mystery series. Publisher: Berkley (Penguin), February 2009

Part-time student Chloe Carter is planning her best friend’s wedding, working for her parents-and glued to her chef boyfriend, Josh, as he competes to star in a new TV series. The premise: Josh hijacks unsuspecting grocery shoppers and prepares them gourmet dinners. Everything’s going great-until one shopper drops dead.

With the cameras on him from the beginning, Josh is obviously innocent, but Chloe wonders: Was it one of Josh’s competitors? Or the deceased’s husband? Or someone on the crew?

Sifting through suspects, Chloe deals with wedding chaos and Josh’s erratic behavior. She’ll have to balance her plate while trying to catch a food felon…

Chloe Carter is a part-time graduate student and currently works with her parents in their landscaping business.  Her boyfriend, Josh Driscoll is a chef at one of the hottest restaurants in Boston and is participating in a reality show when the contestant’s wife suddenly dies after eating his prepared meal.  It is soon discovered that the food were tampered with and Chloe decides to investigate and find the real murderer.  In between that, Chloe and her parents are hosting her best friend’s upcoming wedding and Chloe is puzzled by the mysterious behavior of her boyfriend.  Everything happens at the wedding, the murdered is captured, the wedding goes off with some interesting hitches and Chloe is faced with a question that involves her future.  I really enjoyed this story. It was a fun read and I didn’t want it to end.  [3.5 stars – liked it]

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