Kiss The Bride by Amy Danicic. Publisher: Zebra Book, 2002

This book features Victoria Scott, a daycare provider, who thinks she is jinxed.  Can a young woman who has been left at the altar not once, not twice but three times ever find happiness?  Victoria can’t believe it happened again and this time she going to have fun.  Instead of running home on her supposed New Year Eve’s nuptial, she is having her third wedding reception without the groom and maid of dishonor.  Across the room, Victoria spots a gorgeous man in a gray suit, Alex Morrow, who captures her attention.  She decides to do what her sister suggests, have a one night fling and Alex will do ever so nicely.  They meet, they share a glass of champagne; they dance; they embrace; they feel a mutual attraction and bring in the New Year together.  He takes her home and there begins the most wonderful night that they both enjoy.  He gives her the passion that she has never felt before; it has to end the next morning because she doesn’t trust that any future relationship will be jinxed.  Will true love prevail?  I really enjoyed this romance story that had a bit of intrigue concerning Victoria’s missing ex-fiancé and the missing computer discs stolen from Alex’s company.  It was fun to see Victoria let loose and be love as she should be.  [4 stars – really liked it]

*new-to-me author

Note: book is out of print

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